Meet the Committee

Alex Deslandes – President

Our supreme leader Alex won the vote by a landslide, by which we mean that his was the only name on the ballot. Having been a member of the club for three years, and VP and Second’s Captain last year, this fiercely committed Strandie has broken the dynasty of medics that came before him, although he has come to accept that there can be no such thing as a GKT-free committee. A Frenchman when it’s convenient, he has restored his people to power. As a foilist fencing for our Men’s Second Team he will not hesitate to use any opponent’s style against them and loves a good fleche, but also shines on the side-lines as a dedicated cheerleader. Before most training sessions, he can be found, eerily on time, dragging all the kit out of the cupboard, and parting with wisdom about the club’s history, constitution and the latest google sheet you have to sign. Always down for a drink after training, he can help you with anything you need to know about the club and offer some – very loud – coaching, but if you break a foil, he might actually have a breakdown. No. Seriously. Do not break the foils.

Pierre-Olivier Pitt – Vice President

Next on the list is the French-British citizen Pierre-Olivier, a second year PPE student. Pierre learned how to wield a sword at the age of 4, but took a break in his fencing career for some years. Watch out, he is now back in the stabbing game! Don’t worry, as a future teacher, he will always have an educational approach rather than an aggressive one, meaning he will stab you with great care. Apart from stabbing people, Pierre-Olivier (aka Pop) likes to play chess, the video game Overwatch, and can talk for hours about economic policy and econometrics. Outgoing, helpful and friendly, you will always see Pop running back and forth, multitasking in our training room. If you ever had doubts about the open mindset of our fencing community, go talk to Pop!

Angus Thompson – Treasurer

Mysterious and witty, Angus is one of the sneakiest Epeéists in the club. Particularly skilled with a French grip (or to the uninitiated, a stick), keeping his weapon far away from your target is a challenging task. Angus will often appear completely relaxed while fencing and then suddenly charge you down. Off piste however, you can feel at ease with his likeable manner and surprising knowledge of fencing, music and memes.
Other details about Angus are more hazy. Some say he works in a record shop in darkest Camden. Some say he can speak Elvish. Others recall the mysterious circumstances surrounding a broken rib.
Angus has a background in Physics, which is useful, because it means he can do challenging differentiation, and add up, one of which is an essential skill for the Treasurer role, which he is taking on this year. Angus is a member of our Men’s Second team and is enjoying his third year beating fencers from Brunel and especially Surrey, among others. He is a supportive teammate, and a solid member of the club, happy to give advice on technique, and maybe Physics.

Kenneth Kwong – Club & Kit Secretary

Whether it’s debating the classics, sharing a quality meme or a bout on the piste, Ken Kwong is your man. Ken can often be seen at training and socials where he will always enthusiastically welcome a friendly chat. Hailing from Hong Kong via Brighton, Ken boasts a wealth of experience and with such a global background it is no surprise that his quiet confidence belies a dab hand with a blade. Having joined us in the September of 2019, Ken has quickly risen through the ranks of the team to the lofty position of secretary, where he is a powerhouse of bureaucratic efficiency. He has already helped to see KCL Fencing through the tumultuous events of 2020, and his influence will undoubtedly be a force for good throughout his tenure as secretary and kit sec in 2020-21.

Alexandra Zalokosta – Social Secretary

Whether or not you believe that western civilisation finds its roots in Greece, Alex is living proof that you should by no means assume that all Greeks are civilised. An amazing foilist with a sharp wit and a scathing sense of humour, she’ll make sure that everyone feels right at home in the club. Don’t be fooled by her laughter and casual manner though – she’s deadly with a sword in hand, or with darts for that matter. From friendly pub crawls after a rough match to non-alcoholic (or very alcoholic) club nights and board game afternoons, she knows all the best places in London. She’s also one of the kindest fencers in the club, so don’t hesitate to come see her if you have anything, fencing or not, that you’d like to discuss and we promise she’ll do everything she can to help find a solution. She most certainly has the president’s ear.

Thibault Magrangeas – Social Secretary

Former Club Secretary and then President Thibault, or Thibs if you have already had the luck of making his acquaintance, is returning under the vestments of Social Secretary to operate in our beloved Fencing club once again. After one year without magistracy, the expert stage-fencer will be making training an even more entertaining event with parries you have never seen or heard of. Besides his undoubted musketeer-skills, proven many times in competitions nationally and internationally, he is also a connaisseur of the London Pub scene and will lead you through many fun and unforgettable nights and events with your fencing mates. A Papa Smurf figure in his paternal care for each club member’s well-being at KCL Fencing, you will not find a person more ready to help and better suited to introduce you into our fencing community than Thibs.

Ru Florence – Men’s 1st Captain

How to describe Ru? Let’s just say he is the ultimate cheerleader/hype man who is always happy and joking around and just a wonderfully wholesome human. If you ever need someone to give you a metaphorical slap round the face and get you fencing like a pro then Ru is your guy. Don’t let his height fool you, he’s one hell of a sabreur who will be sure to teach you some awesome moves while beating any resistance out of you on piste. His playlists are legendary and a must to any match warm up to get you suitably pumped, even if almost every playlist has a crazy name. He may have only joined the Men’s First last year but he fought hard alongside his team mates so they could make their mark on the Premier League. Have no doubt that he will lead the team to Premier League greatness (via the pub of course).

Roxane Alizad – Women’s 1st Captain

Yet another French member of this year’s committee is our Women’s Firsts Captain Roxane! This French-Iranian athlete has been fencing for more than 8 years both in Iran and then in the South of France, where she fenced competitively with great success. A new recruit of the women’s first team last year, she has now taken over the role of captain for the year ahead. Always smiling and full of energy, she will know for sure how to motivate and support her team during matches, leading our Firsts to new heights following their promotion to League 1.

Carl Hentges – Men’s 2nd Captain

After taking a year out to go study in the US, Carl has returned to reclaim his rightful position as the men’s seconds captain with renewed vigour, this time to new heights in League 1. Equipped with sucrose tablets and killer dad moves on the dance floor, he is a great leader and will do whatever it takes to lead his team to victory once again. When Carl’s not strategising how to (legally?) overthrow his opponents, you can find him studying robotics, artificial intelligence or quantum computing. Let’s be real, he‘s probably building a cyborg army – armed with sabres, obviously.

Ines Froidefond – Women’s 2nd Captain

Out of hours doctor? Retired biologist? Part time rockstar? Francophone Banksy? Real life magician? This Franco-Tunisian fencer may seem as enigmatic as a noir villain, Inès is nothing of the sort – instead bringing some je ne sais quoi as undoubtedly one of the friendliest of the King’s community.
Formidable – some may even say ruthless – on the piste, primarily wielding an épée. But don’t be fooled; the grace of her blade, with swishes and flicks as if she were Hermione conjuring up some fencing magic, and her impeccable composure doesn’t mean you can win – even if you’ve a sabre or foil in hand. Known to carry whole teams and win many a perfect bout, this épéeiste is nobody to sneer at.
Armed with a personal brand of wholesomeness, a warm smile and a heart of gold, she is sure to lead the seconds team to even more successes – the 2020/21 season will be our best yet!

Guillaume Goodey – Armourer

Who says “chocolatine” nowadays? Guillaume certainly does, but I guess we’ll have to forgive him for that.
Like any self respecting sabreur in the KCL Fencing tradition he’s a fan of flunges. We get it, who wouldn’t love to lunge and fleche at the same time ?
A pillar of the club, he’s a friend to everyone, both kind and dedicated. If you still need convincing, the guy fenced for 24 hours at our yearly fenceathon, so you could even say he’s a bit of a superhero. That’s good, because as armourer, he’ll be the one dealing with all the kit you break over the year.
Guillaume will always have your back, and you can count on him to fix your kit and/or give you obscure music recommendations.